This is my first year in Studio Arts at Concordia University in Montreal

Here are a few of my assignments:

My first painting class ever with teacher Elise Bernachez, 2015/2016.

Collage series for drawing 200 class with teacher Holly King, 2015/2016.

Collage using a combination of technics like drawing gum, india ink, acrylic paint and image transfers.

More drawing assignments:

Class project: Transformation of Clothing or Object Related to the Body:



Medium: hand embroidered shirt with reflective thread.

The embroidery is barely visible until a direct light source is bounced off the thread revealing the hidden text - I Hide in Plain Sight.

Here, I explore the complexity of one's identity, how someones personality can flip from dissimulation to disclosure.

With this piece, I invite the viewer to let go of first impressions and look beyond the camouflage, thus obtaining a more profound understanding of the self.

It's fascinating to me, how people interact with their entourage, allowing certain parts of themselves to be seen and others not.

With proximity and an invested gaze, we can hope to get a glimpse of one's essential nature.